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Craig Morgan says helping out in emergencies is second-nature to him.  The country star has been praised as a hero for assisting after seeing a three-truck crash on the highway earlier this month. 

But he tells when he encounters something like that he's "not gonna pass it up."  Morgan adds that the June 9th crash was pretty serious.  He says one victim had such a severe laceration to his forehead that he could actually see the man's skull plate. 

Craig also recalls helping to put out the fire.  He explains that he carries a reference book in both his car and tour bus specifically so he'll know what to do for a tanker fire, and after discovering one of these trucks was carrying vanilla he knew they couldn't just put water on the flames.  

Morgan explains that public service is what he's "always done," and he feels "obligated" to stop and do what he can in these situations.  The singer is a certified EMT, spent more than a decade on active duty in the Army, served for several years as a sheriff's deputy, and has put in time as a volunteer firefighter.  His firefighting skills also came in handy two years ago, when he saved two children from a burning house. 

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