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An inspiration to her fans, Britt Nicole is spreading many positive messages through her music. Her album Gold quickly climbed the charts, and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

The lead single off the album, also called "Gold," was inspired by her fans and yields the message "know your own value." She tells iHeartRadio, "I started thinking about my fans and all the stuff that they share with me, 'I don’t fit in at school' or 'I’m being bullied at school' or even like moms saying, 'I feel like I’m not the best mom.' Just all different ages of people feeling like they weren’t good enough and I was having a day like that, so I felt this was the message that I need to hear."

Get to know the golden girl better, including some of her favorite things!

What is your favorite song to dance to when no one is watching?

That’s a good one. My dad used to, well I can think of a couple songs but, my dad used to always sing "Brown Eyed Girl" to me and we used to always dance to that when I was little and we danced to that at my wedding so that’s my favorite song to dance to. And I love pop music, I grew up taking dance, so anything that is upbeat and fun. When I think of dancing I think of my dad.

What is your favorite fan moment?

You know, my favorite thing about making music is meeting the fans and getting to hear their stories and I can think of so many young girls that I’ve met that have said, I heard your song and it helped me not struggle with an eating disorder or stuff like that, [and] that’s just life changing to me. So those are my favorite moments honestly with them, even though sometimes they’re hard moments and the fans might even be crying. I had a fan yesterday, I had a meet and greet, that started crying and one of the girls that was traveling with me was like, is that weird? Is that awkward for you to experience that? But you know, I love those moments because I feel like they can open up and just share their heart and their stories with me and that’s what I want to do as an artist.

What is your favorite food to pig out on?

Probably burgers, I’ve had 2 burgers the last 2 nights. I love burgers and I’m having a baby this summer, so I love burgers right now but I love healthy stuff too. I love sushi, which I can’t have when I’m pregnant which is a bummer but yea, I’d say that a good burger is probably my favorite.

What is your favorite hometown hangout?

There’s a place, I always want to go there, it’s like not my favorite because everyone is there so you know you’re going to see everyone but there’s a place called Gary’s Barbeque and I’ve been going there since I was a little girl. So every time I go home I have to go there, they have good burgers, good barbeque, good cherry lemon Sun Drop, I don’t know if you guys have that. It’s a drink. Sun Drop is like a Coke or a Sprite but it’s a different kind of pop. Cherry and lemon, it’s really really good. It’s my favorite drink and they don’t have them hardly anywhere except for like, North Carolina.

Who is your favorite artist at the moment?

I like Coldplay a lot. I like bands, I like Mumford and Sons, yea I like any artist that have passion and I feel like Coldplay is so passionate about their music, and when you see their live show it’s incredible. So they’re one of my favorites. I haven’t been to a show, I had tickets but I had to give them away because I had a show so I was bummed but I’ll watch their live DVD and I just love their show and their music, I love everything about them.

What is your favorite song on your iPod playlist?

Well one that I listen to a lot right now is Mat Kearney “Ships In The Night”, my husband actually is a song writer and a producer and he helped produce that song and write that song and it makes me think of him. Me and my husband both travel a lot and don’t get to see each other a ton so that song makes me think of him and I listen to it a lot when I’m away from him.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

I used to read my Twitter all the time lately I haven’t been reading it as much. Do you know Angela Johnson? She’s a comedian and she’s really funny and one of my friends ended up marrying her, and so I love her. She’s a really sweet girl and hilarious so, she Tweets about her family and also really funny stuff.

What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas, for sure. Just like getting together with my family and seeing everyone. We have a lot of traditions at Christmas that we do as a family, pigging out, I love it.

What is your favorite thing of yours to wear of all time?

I like summer clothes, I’m a summer girl. I grew up close to the beach, a couple hours, so I love shorts, flip flops, my bathing suit. I love being by the beach, but in the winter like right now in NY I have a leather jacket that I pretty much wear every day. It’s easy it always looks cute so I like wearing that as well.

What is your favorite motto?

It’s not anything anyone has said but just, “be who you are.” I think for me, when I started doing music and I was a new artist I felt like I would walk into a room and go "ok, what does this tour want me to be and what does this person want me to be," instead of just walking in and being who I am. That’s a message I’m always saying to my fans so it’s one of my favorites.

What is your favorite thing to order from the coffee shop?

Vanilla Soy Latte. I used to like the White Mocha’s from Starbucks but they’re a little too sweet and they’re bad for you.

What is your favorite viral YouTube video of the moment? 

The goat this is hilarious right now I just saw those like 3 days ago at a radio show, they were like, “you have to see this!” I would probably say I like the "Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That video," I just think it’s hilarious. The first time I watched it I died laughing and I still think it’s funny and I’ve seen it like 20 times so I like that. There’s another video, it’s not super viral, well it has tons of views but I feel like it’s a little bit of an older video. It’s a guy that’s from like Sweden or something, but he made a video basically of him doing all these pranks and one of them he’s dressed in a snow costume and he’s on the interstate like crawling and there’s huge traffic jams so I love pranks and stuff like that so that’s some of my favorites too.

What is your favorite funny movie to watch when you need a good laugh?

I like "13 Going on 30," chick flicks, I like "Bride Wars," and "50 First Dates."

What is your favorite color to paint your nails?

I like pink, I like mixing it up but I kind of like dark colors. Right now I have pink on but I like doing dark on my nails a lot so like a navy or a black, something like that.

Who’s your favorite inspirational person?

I would probably say my brother. We’ve always been super close, we’re 15 months apart and he used to sing at this youth center, he would lead the music there and I’ve always looked up to him. He always reminds me of who I am and he’s just really special to me. I feel like I look to him for inspiration a lot. My grandfather had a church in North Carolina and my brother just took over the church. My grandfather’s health hasn’t been great, and he’s been pastoring it for 40 years so it’s time for him to take a break. So my brother is going to do that now, but he has an incredible voice. He made a record of the songs they did at this youth center but he’s never made his own record. He needs to, he’s incredible. I just look to him just because of who he is even beyond music and stuff.

What is your favorite thing to do at the airport? 

Sleep if I can, I can’t get comfortable. I’m on my phone a lot so if I’m not working I like to be on Instagram or Twitter. Sometimes we get bored and me and my band make up games we’re like, "let’s try and figure out every persons name that passes by." We actually yell out the names, we’ll be like “John!” And some people will be like, how do you know my name? and we’re like, “yea, we got it right!” So we’ll make up games. But anything we can do to entertain ourselves. Sometimes I want to chill because that’s like the moment that, even though we fly a lot, it’s kind of nice to take a break and just breathe so I’ll try and sleep or get on my phone and kind of stay to myself sometimes too.

What is your favorite way to travel? 

I just took a train and that was actually nice. I didn’t know if I was going to like it. The one part I don’t like is when you’re waiting for the train and you’re standing outside and it’s raining or it’s cold and you’re just like, “I wish I was in an airport warm right now.” But I did like it because you can be on your phone and I’m taking another train today so I’m like, ok I’m getting used to the trains, but I think my favorite is the bus- being on there with my band and my dancers and sometimes my husband will travel with us. It kind of is like a home away from home. We make it comfy and make it nice and you can cook on there and so even though it takes longer to travel it’s probably my favorite, because when you finish your show you’re like, "uh I can go to the bus and like chill and watch TV and relax." You don’t really have that if you’re going to the airport of getting on a train, so that’s my favorite.

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Photos by Katherine Tyler