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Matt Hires is a singer/songwriter from Tampa, Florida whose upbeat new song, "Restless Heart" has everything you need when you're feeling a little, well, restless. Hires brings a folk-rock sensibility to his acoustic brand of pop that is reminiscent of Mumford & Sons and Phillip Phillips, but his artistry might be more akin to that of John Mayer and Jason Mraz, who he has often been compared to.

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Hires' second album is due out in the fall, which he is excited about because he feels like he's grown a lot since he released his first album in 2009. "I like that record, but I feel like I’ve matured a lot as a song writer since then," Matt tells iHeartRadio.  "[On the new album] the songs are just better in my, in my opinion."

Get to know Matt by discovering some of his most favorite things.

Favorite thing about Florida:

I love the beach and being close to that and stuff.  Not that I really go to the beach that much anymore … But I like knowing it’s there. , it’s an option where I can go to the beach and I’m not landlocked.

Favorite midnight snack:

Oh, man.  I make up crazy midnight snacks because usually I don’t keep a lot of actual snacks around my house.  I'll do barbecue toast, where I just make toast and spread barbecue sauce on it. It’s pretty good. And I mix ranch and buffalo sauce and dip carrots in it... and pickles.

Favorite person to stalk on Twitter:

My favorite people to follow are Patton Oswalt and Prodigal Sam.

Favorite bad decision to make at 2:00 am:

There would be scotch involved.

Favorite thing to do when feeling restless:

Take my dog for a walk. He’s a labradoodle - he's pretty awesome. His name’s Luke Skywalker Hires.

Favorite mode of transportation:

I’ve been fortunate enough to, on some tours, to be able to ride on the tour bus with the headlining act.  I’m not quite to bus status yet. So usually I am in a white van, which is fine. But the bus is pretty sweet.

Favorite chain restaurant to eat at on the road:

We actually ended up at Chili’s a couple times. You can’t really beat Chili’s chips and salsa and two for one beers.

Favorite place to wake up: 

I always like Los Angeles.

Favorite time of day:

It’s probably around midnight. Most musicians are - most musicians I know at least - are night owls.

Favorite planet:

Mars. Because, well, the Mars rover that went up there recently...  being able to see it and stuff.  Pretty, pretty cool.

Favorite trend in facial hair:

Probably would be a mustache if I could grow one, but it’s pretty thin up here, so I can’t really... this is as good as I can do.  I wish I could grow a big, huge beard, but I don’t have the capabilities. Once - funny story - I was house sitting for some friends. I’m not going to say any names (laughing), but in the shower, there was some hair energizing shampoo for balding, so I tried it on my face.  I was like 15 at the time, so maybe it helped.  I don’t know.

Favorite way to let a girl know you’re interested:

My wife actually makes fun of me because I kind of asked her on our first date over AOL instant messenger. It worked out.

Favorite thing about being in love:

Just having that connection with somebody else. The feeling of knowing that they love you back is my favorite thing.

Favorite perk of being a musician:

I know a lot of other musicians now and have friends who play a lot of shows... being able to go see them play and get on the guest list all the time.

Photos by Shelby Case