Headlights For Hope With KIX 104 And Mercy NWA

Mercy NWA

Join us as we show our support for the healthcare professionals that are working day after day to keep us safe and take care of those who are sick in medical care facilities with Headlights For Hope with Kix 104 and Mercy NWA! Listeners will be able to join us in the parking lot of each of these locations at 8pm, headlights on, for a chance to let these providers know that we appreciate them and the work they do. We will ask that listeners stay in their cars and practice social distancing as they show their support.

Headlights For Hope Dates and Locations

  1. Friday, April 17th Mercy NWA & Berryville
  2. Friday, April 24th WRMC
  3. Friday, May 1st Northwest
  4. Friday, May 8th AR Childrens NW
  5. Friday, May 15th VA
  6. Friday, May 22nd UAMS
  7. Friday, May 29th – Rally for all
Headlights For Hope at Mercy Hospital