Hilarity ensues - NASA asks public to name planets

Just about a year ago, the British government asked people to suggest – and then vote for – names for a $287 million polar research ship. The Internet spoke loudly and clearly – and chose the name Boaty McBoatface.

Well, you’d think the government would learn, wouldn’t you? No dice.

NASA actually sent out a message on Twitter, asking people to name those new seven planets they found earlier this year.

And, of course, people had some really, really good ideas, like…

The Game of Thrones-themed suggestions:

  1. Tark
  2. Lannister
  3. Baratheon
  4. Targaryen
  5. Tully
  6. Greyjoy
  7. Tyrell

And then, there were the Fast and the Furious-themed suggestions:

  1. The Fast and the Furious
  2. 2 Fast 2 Furious
  3. Tokyo Drift
  4. Fast & Furious
  5. Fast 5
  6. Fast & Furious 6
  7. Furious 7

Or how about:

  1. This one
  2. That one
  3. The other one
  4. No, that one
  5. More to the left
  6. To my left
  7. Oh, forget it

Somebody finally took all the fun out of it by recommending the seven planets be named:

  1. what
  2. if
  3. their
  4. people
  5. already
  6. named
  7. them (Independent)
Ashley King

Ashley King

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