This cutey must be a George Jones fan, watch her reaction!

This baby girl was doing what everyone loves doing in the car during a road trip - taking a nap. 

She was sound asleep, but that all changed when she heard the music introduction to George Jones' hit 1959 song "White Lightning". Just before Jones begins singing, the little girl suddenly woke up from her deep sleep and started bouncing around to the beat.

She danced in her car seat the entire tune and looked like she was having the best time ever! She thoroughly amused not only her parents, but also us at home. She had a huge smile on her face and clearly loves the song, maybe even more than we do!

She is a just a little bit too young to know the meaning behind George Jones' very first No. 1 song. White lightning is another name for moonshine, and the song "White Lightning" tells the story about a kid whose father makes his own moonshine.

Wondering why his father calls his concoction "white lightning" instead of "mountain dew," his father let him try a sip so he'd know the reasoning behind it.

"My eyes bugged out and my face turned blue/Light has started flashin' thunder started crashin'," he sang.

We hope this little girl will continue her love for George Jones! Watch the incredible moment caught on film below.

Jake and Woody

Jake and Woody

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