You can plan your Arkansas waterall weekend!!!

Here’s The Perfect Weekend Itinerary If You Love Exploring Arkansas’s Waterfalls

Spring is coming relatively soon, and that means a season of plentiful rainfall, gorgeous greenery, and beautiful, mild weather. In fact, the weather was incredibly mild (bordering on warm) at my house as of the writing of this article, and my feet were itching for adventure. The adventure below is an itinerary for a weekend waterfall trip that will take you to some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the Natural State, and you should go ahead and pencil it in because it’s spectacular. I’m going to give you some important advice about it: plan for a weekend after a good amount of rain has fallen. These places are extra-extraordinary after a good rain.

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1. Longbow Resort


Longbow Resorts


Facebook/Longbow Resort

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking around on this adventure, so let’s start off with a little relaxation. You can recharge your batteries at Longbow Resort, and enjoy a waterfall from the Longbow Cabin. That's right, the waterfall is so close you can enjoy it from inside the cabin. Longbow Resort is located at 4349 Prim Road in Edgemont.

2. Cedar Falls (Petit Jean State Park)


Flickr/AR Nature Gal

We’re having a bit of a drive to get to Petit Jean State Park, as it will take you about an hour and forty five minutes to get there. After your long Friday night of relaxation, you’ll want to stretch your legs a bit and hike to the most photographed waterfall in the Natural State.  Cedar Falls plummets 95 feet and it’s a stunning feature of Petit Jean Mountain that you don’t want to miss. You’ll find the trail at Petit Jean State Park, which is located at 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road in Morrilton.

3. Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

This is Haw Creek Falls.


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

This one is Pack Rat Falls.


Pam’s Grotto

Above you'll see Pam's Grotto. Next we’re going back north about an hour and a half, to Haw Creek Falls Recreation area, where you can find three waterfalls all within walking distance of each other. If you’re interested in calling it a day here, that’s cool too, because there's a campground right near Haw Creek Falls. Haw Creek Falls Recreation area is near Hagarville. You’ll find directions in your itinerary. If you don’t want to camp out, just hold on for a few more hours. We’re headed to a lodge.



 4. Glory Hole Falls


Flickr/AR Nature Gal

From Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area it’s about an hour to one of the most incredible waterfalls in Arkansas. The unique look of Glory Hole Falls makes it a spectacular place to visit, but I’ve got practical advice about it: if it hasn’t rained immediately before your visit to Glory Hole Falls, don’t go. Without rain, you’ll be looking up at a pretty cool, but probably boring, hole in the rock. Glory Hole Falls is located on Highway 16 near Fallsville and Huntington.

5. Azalea Falls Lodge



Ready for a rest after a full day of adventure? Great, because you’re going to want to relax once you reach cushy Azalea Falls Lodge on AR-21 in Kingston. This gorgeous, inviting lodge will allow you to rest up for the next day’s edition of your waterfall extravaganza. Perhaps the best part is that you can see nearby Azalea Falls during your stay.

6. Twin Falls (after a heavy rain, Triple Falls)


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

Next up we’re headed to Triple Falls, which is sometimes called Twin Falls (because unless it’s been raining a good deal, Triple Falls is a twin fall). On the sign, you’ll find “Twin Falls,” so do remember that. This gorgeous waterfall is located in the Buffalo National River area near Camp Orr, which is near Harrison. The hike to the falls is a pretty quick and super enjoyable walk.

7. Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls


Flickr/David Nichols

I hope you’re well rested and up for a challenge. To get to Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls you’re going to have to hike anywhere between three and a half and five miles one way, so if you’re not up for that much adventure, maybe just pass this one on by. If you do choose to include this waterfall on your journey, you won’t be disappointed. It’s the tallest waterfall between the Appalachias and the Rockies. The state of Arkansas recommends you ask an outfitter in Ponca for directions, so be warned it’s a bit of a journey.

8. Arkansas’s Waterfall Paradise (Richland Creek Wilderness Area)


Flickr/AR Nature Gal

This one is called Six Finger Falls.


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

Punch Bowl Falls is a hidden gem of this wilderness.


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

There's nothing funny about the scenic beauty of Fuzzybutt Falls.  You’ll get to rest your legs a bit for this part of the trip on your nearly two hour drive, and you’ll need that rest if you’ve chosen to do the Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls portion of the journey. There’s a good bit of walking at Richland Creek Wilderness Area, too. That’s because the Richland Creek Wilderness Area is Arkansas’s very own waterfall paradise. You’re going to find a lot of waterfalls in that one area, and they’re all exquisite. For a pretty decent (if I do say so myself) guide to the Richland Creek area waterfalls,  click here. Please remember to pack plenty of supplies, as this one is a wilderness and therefore very rugged.

To find easy to get to Natural State waterfalls, click here. For another weekend getaway you might love, try this one.

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