Only in Arkansas can you see these examples of God's work!

17 Serene Shots Of Arkansas Nature That Will Bring You Inner Peace

If you’ve been feeling stressed by your work week, your bills, your kids, your whole life, you’re certainly not alone. The American Psychological Association says most Americans are living with moderate to high levels of stress in their daily lives. Other studies indicate that high levels of stress can lead to an early death. That means we all need to slow our lives a little bit, make efforts to decompress. We need to take a minute for something called self-care.

Below you’re going to find 17 totally gorgeous shots of some of the Natural State’s most serene places, and you should definitely take a moment to let them put you at ease. Then you should send this article to all your over-stressed friends. After all, you want them to live a long time too.

1. Your path to serenity begins on this bridge in Devil’s Den State Park.


Flickr/AR Nature Gal

2. You can let your mind wander while you look at this picture that makes the Ozark National Forest look like a mildly foggy wonderland.


Flickr/Matthew Peoples

3. Lake Catherine is so mirror-smooth in this image that it looks like you could walk across it.


Flickr/Adam Simmons

4. Big Piney Falls might as well be a painting in this serene shot.


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

5. You can see the light under Davies Arch Bridge at Petit Jean State Park and maybe see the light at the end of the tunnel, too.


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

6. The blue, blue water beneath Falls Creek Falls is incredibly soothing.


Flickr/AR Nature Gal

7. This view from Mount Magazine makes the valley below look like a tranquil ocean of trees.



8. Looking into the forest from inside Indian Rockhouse Cave is a portal to inner peace.


Flickr/Dave Thomas



 9. This view from Sunrise Rock is a study in calm blue.



10. This sunset from a cabin on Petit Jean Mountain makes the sky appear as a sea of fire.


Flickr/Brant Kelly

11. A perfect mirror image of Pinnacle Mountain in the morning light will set your mind at ease.


Flickr/Jonathan Ball

12. Cedar Falls spilling into Cedar Creek looks like a highway to calm, doesn’t it?


Flickr/AR Nature Gal

13. The fog covering the Buffalo National River at sunrise makes the morning look so perfectly tranquil.


Flickr/Buffalo Outdoor Center

14. If you’re feeling ill-at-ease, you can drive your troubles away on the Talimena Scenic Drive . . .


Flickr/Alex Butterfield

15.. . . let them float away on Tanyard Creek . . .


Flickr/Larry Miller

16.. . . let them drift like the shadows of clouds over Hawksbill Crag . . .


Flickr/Yuefeng D.

17.. . . because just like Mount Magazine’s signature tree, you’re still hangin’ on.



If you want to look at picture perfect places that will make a dreamer out of you, look at these. To find some remote places where you can get away from it all, click here.

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