11 Things You Must Know Before You Befriend Someone From Arkansas

11 Things You Must Know Before You Befriend Someone From Arkansas

Huddle up, Arkansans. We need to talk about all the things people need to know about us before they become our friends. Below you’ll find a primer we should send out to folks who want to hang out with us. So, after you read this amazing list of truths about you, you should definitely send it to all your out-of-state friends, just so they know what they’re in for.

1. Thou shalt not profane the name of the Razorbacks.



Most of us take the Razorbacks seriously, so if you want to speak against them, maybe you shouldn’t do that to our faces.

2. Our sense of state pride runs strong.



It’s okay for us to make fun of Arkansas, but you really shouldn’t. And making fun of Arkansans? That's a deal breaker.

3. We’ve got adorable idioms that might confuse you.


Flickr/Dave Thomas

If someone says you look "finer than a frog hair," then you should say, "thank you."

4. When we say "oh honey" or call you "darlin’" or "sweetheart," we don’t intend to be condescending.



It’s just the way we’ve been brought up. Now, when someone says "bless your little heart," you should definitely be aware of layered meaning.

5. We have a profound connection to the land.


Flickr/ Abhishek Chinchalkar

Being from the Natural State means over half our state is forest. We’re serious about nature.



 6. We’re passionate about the outdoors.



Even the least outdoorsy Arkansan is more outdoorsy than folks from other places.

7. We love our families.


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We spend a lot of time with them, we know about their lives, and we do what we can to support them. We’re big fans of the family unit.

8. We’re going to try to feed you delicious, homemade food.



If you get sick, have a baby, have a funeral, or really any kind of misfortune, your new Arkansas friend is likely to show up with food. It might not be real fancy, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good.

9. We’re both tough and reliable.


Flickr/University of Central Arkansas

If you need emotional support or heavy lifting of any kind, your new Arkansas friend is going to be there for you. Plus, most of us either drive trucks or have family members who do. So if you’re new to the area and you need stuff moved, your Arkansas friends are who you should call.

10. We have great senses of humor.


Flickr/Drew Tarvin

I mean, we named a big darn bridge the "Big Dam Bridge."

11. Once we’re in, we’re in for the long haul.



If you manage to make friends with an Arkansan, they’ll likely be around for a long time. So only befriend an Arkansan if you want a lifelong friendship.

For the ten commandments Arkansans live by, click here. If you want to know about the dos and don’ts of visiting Arkansas, try this one.

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