DO NOT BLINK or you might miss these lil towns that have so much character!!

Blink And You’ll Miss These 12 Teeny Tiny Towns In Arkansas

You know how y’all offer helpful suggestions in the comment sections on small town articles like this one and this one? Well, folks, I couldn’t do my job without you. I appreciate every one of you, and I am paying attention to your suggestions. Below you’re going to find twelve itty-bitty, teensy-weensy places that were all mentioned by you, our beloved readers, in the comment section. Beware, though, if you blink you’ll miss all these charming little places.

1. Gilbert Population: 27

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Gilbert isn’t just one of the coolest towns in Arkansas, it’s also literally one of the coldest temperature-wise. It population is also just under 30, making it one of the smallest municipalities in the whole of the United States. This north central Arkansas town is so tiny you could sneeze and not even know you’d driven through the whole place.

2. Deer Population: 680

Google Maps

Flickr/Jonathan Ball

Deer is by far the largest community on this list, but it has earned its spot by being both tiny and rural. Located just 12.5 miles from nature lovers' favorite town, Jasper, Deer is brimming with natural beauty. But you won’t even know you’re in Deer if you get distracted by your radio for a half a second while you’re driving through.

3. Toad Suck Population: 288

Flickr/Jason shultz

Unless you’ve been around a long time or pay a lot of attention to roadside signs, you may not know that Conway’s infamous Toad Suck Daze festival is named after an actual place. No one is 100% sure where Toad Suck got its name, but this little unincorporated community in Perry County has been making lists of unusual place names for a long time.

4. BigelowPopulation: 314

Facebook/Bigelow High School

This tiny Perry County town is right near Toad Suck. Keep your eyes peeled for it though, because if you’re not paying attention you’ll miss it too. Located near the confluence of the Fourche La Fave River and the Arkansas River, this town’s lumber history dates back to 1905. The lumber mills, however, closed all the way back in 1920.

5. LesliePopulation: 425


You’ll find another old lumber town all the way up in Searcy County’s little community of Leslie. You’ll miss Leslie if you don’t know you’re driving through it, but you definitely don’t want to miss out because Searcy County is the Chocolate Roll Capital of the World and they sell those little pieces of heaven right in that tiny town.

6. AlpenaPopulation: 397


This town of less than four hundred is actually located in both Boone and Carroll Counties. Isn’t it adorable that such a tiny place could be in two counties? It’s perhaps more creepy than adorable, however, that Alpena is named after Alpena Pass—which was founded on top of a graveyard.

7. Omaha Population: 172

Google Maps

Omaha isn’t just for Nebraskans and insurance companies. Next time you’re driving through Boone County and into Missouri, pay attention. Omaha is actually closer to Branson, Missouri than Harrison, Arkansas.

8. Evening Shade Population: 424

Wikimedia/Billy Hathorn

The northeastern Arkansas town of Evening Shade is so charming there was once a sitcom named after it. If you drive to Evening Shade today you won’t find Burt Reynolds, but you will find a sleepy little community so small that you better not adjust the straw in your sweet tea or you’ll miss out on all that charm.

9. Booger Hollow Population: 7, countin’ one old coon dog

Flickr/AR Nature Gal

Booger Hollow was once a tourist attraction in Pope County that had a trading post, a double-decker outhouse, and a super clever population sign. Booger Hollow the tourist attraction really is located up the hill from the actual community of Booger Hollow, which is just down in the holler from that unique outhouse. If you’re wondering about the correct pronunciation, it’s "Booger Holler" to its friends.

10. Friendship Population: 178

Flickr/Gary J. Wood

Hot Springs County residents know exactly where to find Friendship. This is a community that's not just small population-wise, it’s small in land area, too. The city limits of Friendship only include .7 square miles. That means the population density per square mile is actually bigger than the total population.

11. Fisher Population: 223

Google Maps

Like many small towns in Arkansas, Fisher owes its existence to lumber and railroads. What you’ll find there now that the trees have been cleared out is lots and lots of crops. Mostly what they grow is rice, but crops are crops and Fisher is part of that fertile upper Delta land, so you may find lots of things growing on Highway 49 in Poinsett County.

12. Smithville Population: 73

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Smithville is a tiny little place now, but it was once the county seat of Lawrence County. It lost that designation after the Civil War, when the county seat moved to Powhatan in 1869. This place is also small in land area, measuring only .6 square miles. So really, guys, don’t blink or you really will miss the whole thing.

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