Why Arkansas is THE BEST!

15 Reasons Why Arkansas Is Hands Down The Best Southern State

If you’ve been following Only in Arkansas’s posts for awhile, you might recall that we had a discussion about whether or not Arkansas is a Southern state. That discussion was quite lively in the comments another article, too. Well, I’m here to say that Arkansas is not only a southern state, it’s most definitely the best southern state. You’ll find a list of 15 reasons why below.

1. We’re all about the simple life.

Flickr/Clinton Steeds

2. If the heritage of the South is one of agricultural production, Arkansas is still living up to that heritage.

Flickr/Allen Brewer

God bless the Delta, but God bless the poultry farmers and cattlemen too.

3. On a smaller scale, lots of Arkansans keep their own gardens in the spring and summer months.

Flickr/Tanya Impeartrice

4. Arkansas is full of rural communities, and we love that rural life.


5. Most of our favorite roads are country roads.

Flickr/Carol Von Canon

*sings a rousing chorus of "Country Roads*

6. We live up to Southern Hospitality by being one of the most generous states in the union...


7. ...and by helping each other out when tragedy strikes.

Flickr/University of Central Arkansas

8. It’s necessary to be a place of stunning natural beauty if you’re in the South, right? The Natural State has that in the bag.

Flickr/Jonathan Ball

9. We’ve got some of the best southern cuisine...

Flickr/Katie Schenk

Flickr/Patrick Woodward

From various gravies to fried catfish to chicken fried steak, we’ve got Southern food that can’t be beat.

10. ...and barbecue so good there’s a James Beard Award involved in a simple sandwich.

Yelp/Jennifer H.

Jones BBQ at 219 West Louisiana Street in Marianna has been named an American Classic by the prestigious organization.

11.Sweet tea? Always. Year round. All the time.


Served best on the rocks in a mason jar.

12. We’re a sporting society. Hunting and fishing are important pastimes here.

Flickr/Clinton Steeds

13. And don’t southerners love their football? Well, we certainly do.

Flickr/Texas Tongs

14. Our towns are friendly, welcoming places to visit.

Flickr/Jonathan Ball

15. Our undeniably awesome accents make us extra charming and our idioms are strokes of pure brilliance.

Merriam Webster

I mean, c'mon. "Bless his heart, he's dumber than a bag of hammers" is the best sentence of all time.

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