13 Things No Self-Respecting Arkansan Would Ever Do

13 Things No Self-Respecting Arkansan Would Ever Do

There are certainly plenty of unwritten rules regarding how Arkansans act, and below you’ll find thirteen of those. Sure, every Arkansan breaks some of these rules, but we don’t break them on the regular and we’re careful not to break too many at once. So yes, you’re still a self-respecting Arkansan if you backtalk your mama. But if you backtalk your mama, defame Arkansas barbecue, and litter all on the same day, you’re pushing it, honey.

1. Claim Texas has better barbecue.

Flickr/Jimmy Emerson, DVM

2. Say Oklahoma is better in any way.

Flickr/Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Bless its poor little heart, it’s just not.

3. Litter.

Flickr/Dave Thomas

The Natural State and her residents take keeping Arkansas beautiful seriously.

4. Mistreat a state park.


They’re gorgeous and we love them.

5. Ignore the natural beauty all around.

Flickr/Yuefeng D

6. Disrespect our elders.

Flickr/Bruce O’Donnell

Okay, you’ve done it. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. But I bet you don’t do it very often now that you’re grown.

7. Be needlessly rude to a stranger.


Southern Hospitality: it’s real and we believe in it.

8. Turn away someone in need.

Flickr/Daniel Veazey

We’re a helpful and charitable state. It’s just part of our makeup.

9. Mock farmers.


They grow our food, they’re responsible for a good portion of our economic success, and they deserve to be applauded.

10. Look down on anyone working a blue collar job.

Flickr/Arkansas Highways

No matter how high up an Arkansan rises or how educated they become, most of us are still close to our blue collar roots. We’ve got daddies who work in factories, mamas who took in sewing, and cousins who work at the chicken plant. We don’t disrespect them because we love them and know they’re hardworking, good folk. You best not disrespect them either.

11. Turn down a spread that looks like this:

Flickr/JK B

12. Refuse to fry a vegetable.


13. Pretend anywhere else is better than the Natural State.

Flickr/Paul Cooper

We’re all about that state pride, and because Arkansas is so awesome, we deserve that pride.

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