When you say you're resting your eyelids, you are...and when you can't move off the couch, there's a real reason.

Proof that being lazy can be a good thing!

So you get out of bed. You’re ready to face the world and hit the gym. And then you sit on the couch. Suddenly, you’re feet go up and soon? All thoughts of exercise leave you. Guess what? It’s not your fault.

According to researchers from the University of British Columbia and University of Geneva, humans are hard-wired to be lazy! “Conserving energy has been essential for humans’ survival,” says Matthew Boisgontier, senior author of the study. “As it allowed us to be more efficient in searching for food and shelter, competing for sexual partners, and avoiding predators.”

In other words…you’re saving your energy, for when you really need it.

Source: University of British Columbia

A teenager from England suffers from a rare condition that makes her break into itchy and painful hives when she comes into contact with water

Imagine being allergic to WATER!!

Lindsey Coubray, a teenager from Wheathampstead, England is allergic to water thanks to a rare condition. She has to avoid everything from crying to sweating, even showering because of it.

The condition, called aquagenic urticaria, affects 230-million people worldwide. And for those like Coubray, touching any water – by swimming, getting caught in the rain, and especially showering – causes super itchy hives and excruciating pain.

To raise awareness, Lindsey started an Instagram account named after the condition, which acts as a community for fellow sufferers. “I felt as though I was a bit lost, but the group has helped to answer many of my questions and it’s been really reassuring,” she says. “They’ve also helped me to find ways to deal with symptoms.

Source: Mirror

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