Never put your phone down again…

Some inventors in Singapore have designed a phone case that features a fork and a spoon. You know… so you don’t have to put your phone down while you eat. They’re raising money to manufacture this “sphoon-phork” case with a Kickstarter campaign . The people behind it seem to recognize that this is a ridiculous idea and have a sense of humor about it all. But, the Kickstarter campaign is real, which means they’re raising real money for a real product here. ( India Times )

Don’t kiss the hedgehogs …

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a bit of a salmonella outbreak recently. 11 people across 8 different states have contracted the bacteria, and the Centers for Disease Control is issuing some very specific warnings to prevent it from getting worse: STOP KISSING and SNUGGLING with HEDGEHOGS! Oh, you heard that right. Apparently 10 of the 11 cases have one distinct thing in common – all the people had contact with a hedgehog.

The cute little creatures have become popular pets recently, and the CDC has identified the Salmonella strain as one common among hedgehogs. If you snuggle and kiss on them they can transfer the bacteria right onto your face and mouth. If you’ve got a hedgehog pet, the CDC urges no kissing and cuddling, and to always wash your hands before touching the cute little creatures and their bedding. ( NY Times )


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