Kix Kritter Of The Week: Schnitzel (ADOPTED)

Radda radda! Oh, excuse me! Hi! I`m Schnitzel, a dog who`s about a year old and around 82 pounds! I`m a big fella who`s pretty solid! Don`t let my size scare you off; I`m an gentle giant who wants to play and make you smile!

I keep a very clean kennel, which my friends here love! I also walk really well on the leash and love other dogs! I might be a bit much for small humans, just because I do jump a little, but with some training I should get better!

I would probably be very interested in a cat, but would likely become their friend with some time to adjust! I would make an excellent addition to any home, don`t believe me? Come find out for yourself! Just come by Fayetteville Animal Services or click here to see my adoption page!