Things you may not see at schools when they re-open!

No one is sure when schools will reopen, but it’s going to happen eventually. And when kids do get to go back to their classrooms, they’ll probably look a little different than they did pre-pandemic. To keep students, teachers, and administrators safe, schools will need to make some changes. This is what we won’t be seeing in classrooms after the coronavirus, according to Dr.Karen Aronian, founder ofAronian Education Design,which created learning environments.

  • Pump-activated hand sanitizer dispensers- Those pumps of hand sanitizer all classrooms had may be a thing of the past when the kids finally head back to school. Dispensers like those can transfer germs and coronavirus between students, so schools may switch to high-tech motion-activated dispensers instead.
  • Pencil sharpeners- Kids may not be marching to the front of the classroom to sharpen a dull pencil anymore. Experts predict students will have their own personal sharpener in their pencil box or use mechanical pencils.
  • Reading nooks- Those comfy corners filled with bean bags and books that kids love to read in may be out too because soft items can be tough to sanitize and keep germ-free.
  • Communal sports equipment- To prevent the spread of germs, sharing baseball gloves, balls, and other P.E. equipment may be out and kids may start bringing their own equipment to use instead.
  • Door knobs- It will take a substantial budget, but Aronian says whenever possible, they should switch to "hands-free unlocking and automatic door openers that open and close school doors so fewer hands touch hard surfaces and spread germs.”

Source:Best Life