Have you ever heard of "van-lifers"?

By now, you’ve probably seen an article online about some couple who “sold their house, quit their job, and moved into a van to travel the world” – aka ‘Vanlifers.’ You might even be following some on social media. #VanLife is having a moment right now. In fact, Google Trends show the search term “van life” just hit an all-time high. So with more people than ever thinking about taking their work remote, to legit remote locations via van, here’s what actual Vanlifers have to say about the current situation:

  • Sure, COVID has made it more difficult on them but it’s a nice loophole to the “stay at home” order when your “home” is on wheels. Alexa and Kylefrom@EndlesslyRoamingstarted their #VanLife back in October and says “one of the constants when living on the road is unpredictability. Even if you plan meticulously, things go wrong and plans tend to change. COVID was just another one of those unpredictable events.” They also say it’s less glamorous than it may appear online. “Finding where you can park overnight, where you can find drinking water, and where you can dump your waste aren’t checklist items that you look forward to figuring out.”
  • Instagram couple Adam and Brittani from@FenimoresAdventureMoresold all of their belongings and hit the road in a red van named Clifford in February, and according to them, they didn't mind the COVID travel restrictions one bit. “We ended up staying in Florida for nine weeks when originally we had planned on being there for about two weeks. Plans change constantly, but we still love getting to live this way despite the new and unexpected challenges COVID has brought.” And they warn potential Vanlifers that if you think you hate having car trouble now, just wait until you feel the stress of your home having “engine trouble or close calls in a parking lot.”

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