Prayers for the family and staff at the school- Heartbreaking

Just heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers to that family of the young child and the staff at Vandergriff/Fayetteville Public Schools. 

Here is a follow up on the young child from Vandergriff that drowned in a pool, earlier this week, near the school.


For the video report featuring Superintendent, Dr. Wendt, click the link:

"A six-year-old Vandergriff Elementary School student died early Wednesday. It's shaken up the school, parents and district's superintendent. 


What started a normal day of school ended in tragedy. A Vandergriff student wandered off during recess, and ended up nearby private pool, ultimately losing his life. The teachers on duty noticed the boy was missing during line-up and two separate calls were made to police. 


Dr. Matthew Wendt, Superintendent, Fayetteville Public Schools said,"The elementary student was found to have been in the pool at the owner's of the private resident. The individuals that were on duty did what they were trained to do. At that time they brought the child out of the water, and began administering appropriate aid." 


Fayetteville Superintendent, Dr. Matthew Wendt said there was the usual amount of teachers watching during, but something went wrong.


Dr. Wendt said, "There were four professionals during this 30 minute recess time. Those four Para professionals have training. It ranges from behavior... working with students and managing behavior... to CPR. So adequate, four quality people, who up until yesterday... yesterday was a very difficult day for those four."


As for the swimming pool the child fell into, the owners could face a civil lawsuit for breaking Arkansas' Attractive Nuisance law. Despite what Google Earth images show, our station has not been given access to the property. 


Wendy Howrton, an Attorney at Howtorn Law Firm said, "Basically it states that if you own a pool, or some other type of dangerous structure on your property, then you have a duty to maintain that property. If you live in an area that is likely, or reasonable that children might trespass on that particular location." 


"We're not in this business to come to school and lose a kid... all right. Mom and dad send their kid... my goodness, they send their kid to school... and they have no absolute realization that something like this could happen," said Dr. Wendt. 


Dr. Wendt said they will now look into new safety precautions around the playground, which may include a fence since it currently does not have one."

Ashley King

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