Keith Urban autographed WHAT?!?!?

Look, we get it. Keith Urban is one of the most successful (and handsome) country singers right now. If we were close enough to a stage he was performing on, we'd throw just about anything up there to get him to sign it.

While co-hosting the TODAY show, Urban participated in a game they titled "Country Confessions", where he picked out questions from a boot, and answered them honestly.

After thoroughly smelling the boot to make sure it was clean enough to put his hand in there, he revealed the first question was to choose which accent is better - Australian or Southern.

"I'd have to say Australia is Southern, you don't get any more South than us," he said trying to stay bi-partisan, since he's lived in Nashville for almost 25 years. He then tried to do a true Southern accent, and we aren't going to lie - it wasn't terrible! It also wasn't great, but that's besides the point. 

The next question he had to answer was, "What's the craziest thing an audience member has ever done at one of your concerts?"

He took just about no time to think up an outrageous story. 

"Okay, so, I was at a concert one time and...someone from way out in the audience yelled out, 'Will you sign my leg?' And I said, 'Yeah, this'll be great. Come up on stage, we'll sign the leg.' She disappeared and I couldn't see her for a minute. Next minute, she lobbed this prosthetic leg on to the stage and it hit the stage with a thud. So I signed it."

His next thought, he revealed, was how to return the leg to its proper owner.

"What is the proper prosthetic leg retuning etiquette?" he asked the fellow TODAY hosts. "Do you throw it back? Do you have her come up and get it?"

He never said if he did, in fact, return the prosthetic to its rightful owner, but we're sure he did it in the most respectful of ways.

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