The "couples" that you will see out on Valentines Day

Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And for some of us, it’ll be just like any other night - with Netflix and comfy jammies. But it’s also a huge night for love and romance. Lots of couples will be heading to bistros and restaurants for cozy cocktails and dinners. So if you’re out and about this holiday, here are a few of the twosomes you’ll see celebrating:

The couple celebrating for the first time - These two go all out, candles, flowers, fancy bottles of wine. But they’re in love and this is their first Valentine’s Day together, so they’re over-the-top enthusiastic and don’t care who sees it.

The couple who just had a huge fight - Sometimes things don’t go as planned, even on Valentine’s Day. So you might see a couple sitting across from each other with their arms folded, looking bored instead of into gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. Better them than you!

The couple ripping each other’s clothes off - And then there’s the couple who the phrase “Get a room!” was invented for. They’re making out like middle schoolers right there at the table and you don’t even want to know where their hands have been for the last few minutes.

The couple who’s probably on a first date - If you see the couple sitting awkwardly across from each other, not talking much, and nervously checking their phones every two minutes, they’re probably on a first date. Maybe they just matched on Tinder and they somehow thought the most romantic holiday of the year was a good time to go out. If things do work out, it’ll make a good story one day. But if not, it’s a long night to sit through a room full of couples in love and possibly even a proposal.

The couple who are actually best friends - These two are having more fun than anyone else in the room. They’re not an actual couple, but two single friends who are making the most of the Hallmark holiday. They’re having many drinks, checking out everyone who walks by, and enjoying themselves more than most actual couples.

Source: Elite Daily

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