The 10 major causes of stress at work!

While we’d all wish we could say we love our job and we can go  through every day feeling happy and calm, most people will admit that  their gig comes with at least some amount of stress. In fact, according  to a new poll, 71% of people say they deal with higher than moderate  stress at work, ranking their stress levels at a seven on a scale of one  to ten, with 82% putting their stress levels at a 6 or higher. 

Overall, deadlines seem to be the biggest cause of stress in the  workplace (30%), followed by being responsible for the lives of others  (17%), competitiveness (10.2%) and physical demands of the job (8.4%).

Top Ten Causes Of Stress on The Job


  1. Deadlines (30%)
  2. Life of Another at Risk (17%)
  3. Competitiveness (10%)
  4. Physical Demands (8%)
  5. Working in the Public Eye (8%)
  6. Growth Potential (7%)
  7. Life at Risk (7%)
  8. Hazards Encountered (5%)
  9. Meeting the Public (4%)
  10. Travel (3%)

As for the jobs reporting the most stress, not surprising, healthcare  workers have it the worst, with almost half of the 371 healthcare  workers who took part in the survey saying their stress levels were at  an eight or higher. Those in business were deemed the second most  stressed out workers, followed by educators.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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