Real life dating tips for the guys!!

Men should take notes.



  1. Ask a question

I know, you’ve heard this a million times. And yet...Do not wait for  silence. Women will fill that. Again, not because we want to; we feel  the imperative to smooth over your awkwardness for you. Stop taking  advantage of that. Step in before the silence. However, if there is  silence, maybe ask a question.

PRO TIP: If you’re really struggling on this one,  don’t worry! Simply repeat the question that the woman literally just  asked you. She probably only asked it because she has something  interesting along those lines to share  ―  namely herself. Give her an  opportunity to do that. Who knows? You might even enjoy what you hear.

  1. Respond with feeling

Nope, don’t just nod. It’s fine; you’re not doing anything wrong if  you nod, but NODDING IS NOT ENOUGH. Let me repeat: nodding is not  enough. I know, showing too much emotion may make you feel... feminine,  and you may think that will make you seem unattractive (Gender norms  suck for everyone). But I assure you, it won’t. Really. I promise.

PRO TIP: Have you ever said the word “aw?” Now’s your chance!

  1. When you don’t know something, that’s okay. Don’t freak out,  don’t avoid the thing, and for the love of God do not try to mansplain  the thing

Take a breath. Now one more. Admit you don’t know the thing. Be curious about the thing you don’t know about. That’s it

PRO TIP: If she’s brave enough to share her feelings  about the election  ―  how the defeat of the first female nominee  crushed her heart and soul as a woman and represented the complete  distrust in her gender that she feels every single day ― take a deep  breath and admit you will never understand that experience. Then really,  honestly try to understand it.

WARNING: Curiosity is complex. Don’t be a jerk. And don’t pry into  her like she’s a human textbook. She’s a person. Her place on this earth  is not to teach you things for your benefit, but giving her the space  and encouragement to share is key. Feel her out (figuratively!).  Understand that there’s a good chance she’s coming from a lifetime of  being silenced in some way and it may take time.

This sounds complicated because it is. People are complicated, including you. Deal with it.

  1. If You Talk For More Than Four Uninterrupted Minutes, Stop Talking

Change the subject. (See: Rule 1!) She doesn’t care. Relieve her from  her self-imposed, societally enforced duty to pretend that she does.

PRO TIP: If you forget this rule and do talk for too  long, take a page from our playbook and apologize for it. Yep. Not  kidding. Say sorry. We do it after forty seconds; you can do it after  four minutes.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Real talk: your date’s disinterest in your way-too-long story/lecture doesn’t go away just because you can’t see it.

PRO TIP: Good luck!

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