Sure signs that YOU are the crazy one in your bunch!

The sure sings that you're the crazy friend of the group.



There’s always that friend in the group who will stand on a table,  yell ridiculous things in public places and twerk in the frozen food  aisle.

She’s the “crazy” friend, and if you’re reading this thinking no such friend exists in your group, you just might be her.

If you haven’t come to terms with the fact that “crazy” is part of  your identity, here are 14 telltale signs that might help you out:

People tell you you’re being loudYou get shushed  a lot. People give you hand signals to take down the volume. Strangers  either laugh or grimace at the things you do and say and your presence  is known when you come on the scene.

You’re almost never the “mom” when you go out drinkingYour  friends know you all too well. It’s usually expected that you’ll get  too drunk to be held responsible for other people, let alone yourself.

You’re the entertainmentWithout  you, there’s something missing. Without a second thought, you’ll do  what most others find too embarrassing to do because why not, man?

Some people can’t handle youYou’re not for the faint of heart. Some people are much too conservative or mild-mannered to withstand your antics.

You don’t have a filterYou dare to say out loud what everyone else was thinking. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Of course, you *insert crazy thing you did*“You would” is a phrase you hear a lot from your friends and family.

People ask if you’re okay when you’re not talkingYou’re usually pretty hyped and jabbering a mile a minute, you do have moments when you just feel like being quiet or serious.

You just need to danceA  party or a bar without a dance floor and amateur “Step Up” dance battle  is no place you want to be. But, as long as you can get out and bust  some moves, it’s a successful night.

Half of your go-to picture poses involve pointing and duck faces“Are you drunk?”Your  elevated energy and lack of shame can be surprising to those who don’t  know for themselves that you can be wild, embarrassing and clumsy while  also completely and utterly sober.

You always have a story to tellWhen  you meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or even in just a  few days, you have a lot to talk about. It’s not hard to come up with  conversation because you have plenty of materialYou could do standup with all the crazy content you’ve collected.

Your friend’s friends know about youIt’s  not an unusual occurrence when you meet your friend’s friend and he or  she greets you with a big grin paired with, “I’ve heard so much about  you.”Your pals can’t help but share the endearingly infamous episodes from your life with others.

A name was given to your drunken alter egoSober you is bad enough, but drunk you is on a whole other level.Sometimes  it takes a full moon and that one specific drink, but when you somehow  stray from the supervision of your party moms and get ahold of the  nectar, you’re on a one-way train to Crazy Town.The person you  become when there’s no turning back has earned a special name because  she’s very distinct. Sometimes she’s lovable, and sometimes she’s scary.  So scary.

You’re the star of your friends’ Snapchat storiesThe  iPhone camera loves you. Whether the setting is the club or your best  friend’s basement, you’re doing something ridiculous that’s worth  documenting.

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Jake and Woody

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