The friends that you NEED to have when you hit a crisis!

The friends you hope are there for you when life gets crazy.

When your life takes an unexpected dark turn, you find out who you can really count on. Your fam probably supports you, but we all know it’s your friends who really have your back. Here’s a recap of the besties you need when you’re in the middle of a personal crisis:

The ‘Call Me Anytime’ Friend - She’ll listen to you go on and on about your troubles, or just sit with you if you want company, but not conversation. You never have to feel guilty for bothering her because you know you’re not.

The Mama Bear - When you’re going through something, this friend asks: “Are you getting enough sleep?” and “Did you eat breakfast today?” And that’s how they show their love, by helping take care of yourself physically, so you’re ready to deal with the emotional part too.

Miss Fix-It - If you have a problem, she wants to solve it and will offer advice, set-up appointments, and will literally get you where you need to go by driving you herself.

The Boozy Buddy - When this pal hears of your crisis, she responds with a “Let’s have drinks.” She doesn’t want to talk it out with you, or solve your problems - she’s just there for you and supports you by sitting next to you with a bottle of wine. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

The One You Didn’t Expect - There’s a chance that one of your fringe friends will totally surprise you by being there for you in your time of trouble. When she hears you’re down and out and shows up unexpectedly with food and a smile and wholeheartedly has your back.

Source: Mamamia

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