Your cheatin' heart!! A look at when affairs happen!

Cheating wives tend to stray about seven years into marriage.

According to the infidelity experts over at Victoria Milan – a dating site for people looking for a side piece – women around the world start cheating on their spouses around the same time into their marriage. Their research shows that the average age women in different countries and continents start being unfaithful is about 36.6, or about seven to eight years after getting married.

The people at Victoria Milan also have some ideas about why married women start having affairs, but it’s nothing we didn’t already know. "Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve,” explains the site’s founder Sigurd Vedal. “Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage.”

Here’s their breakdown of the average age when affairs happen:

  • In the UK, women are between ages 25 and 29.
  • In Spain, they’re between 40 and 44.
  • In Hungary, most women were between 45-49.

According to their research, this is the average time between marriage and affairs:

  • In Ireland, the average age for women to get married is 30.8 and it only took 3.6 years before they were unfaithful.
  • Swedish women wait 4.1 years after saying “I do,” and it’s 4.4 for women in the UK.
  • In the U.S., women get married around 35 and a half, and tend to start cheating 8.5 years into the marriage.
  • The average age for Canadian women to get married is 35.8, and they cheat after 6.7 years.


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