Some amazing things happen at weddings; some good...some bad!!

Brides and grooms work hard to make their wedding day extra special, but even the best plans can be ruined, and sometimes it's not their fault. Well, a new Reddit thread has folks revealing some wedding horror stories, and you can usually blame them on guests, or family although sometimes the bride and groom really are the problem. Regardless, they’re all pretty shocking.

For example, one bride revealed that two days before the wedding her aunt emailed to see if it was okay for her daughter to wear white to the wedding, noting, “she has already bought the dress, it’s expensive, she doesn’t have anything else to wear.” Well, needless to say the bride wasn’t happy and replied, “since I also happened to have bought an expensive white dress in which to attend my wedding, my response to that question was a simple, ‘No, obviously not!’” and somehow the daughter found something else to wear.

Other bad wedding behavior includes:

  • “At a friend’s wedding one of the groom’s relatives was upset that their daughter wasn’t asked to be a bridesmaid, so dressed the daughter in a bridesmaid dress anyway.”
  • “At my friend’s wedding one of her friends ended up proposing to his girlfriend. Best way to take attention from the bride and groom and put it onto yourself. Kinda ruined the brides day.”
  • “My uncle waved a knife around drunkenly ranting in Chinese then threw a microphone at the wedding cake.”
  • One person’s aunt ran off with the wedding DJ and went missing for a week.
  • A 19-year-old cousin stole the video camera used for the wedding video and recorded himself pleasuring himself in the bathroom. The Redditor added, “no one knew until we all (the WHOLE family) sat down to watch it a few weeks later.”
  • "At my brother's wedding his bride's ex-husband showed up uninvited, drunk, and several of us had to escort him quickly out of the church since it was obvious he came to ruin the ceremony.”
  • One drunk mother of the groom tried to object to the wedding and was dragged “kicking and screaming” out the door.
  • One bride’s aunt informed her five minutes before the ceremony that her grandfather was dying of cancer.
  • One guest said it was the bride and groom who exhibited the bad behavior, having a reception with absolutely no food, making guests not only write addresses on their thank you cards, but also write out the notes, and then made everyone stay late so they could help fold tables and chairs.

Source: Mamamia

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