8 things to do with the wedding dress after the divorce!!!

 Eight ways you can make good use of that wedding dress.


  1. Burn It

Hey, why go softly into that good night? Burn that dress, and have everyone gather with you for a beach or woods bonfire. Not sure if it's legal, but hell, do you really want to remember that special night with your "not-so special" ex?

  1. Regift It

Military brides who often are strapped for cash could use your old wedding dress! And don't worry about it passing on "divorce bad luck." Chances are this bride-in-need won't care about the fact that your ex went on a spending spree and ran off across the country. Donate your dress to Brides Across America and know that another woman who is joyfully waiting to say "I do" to someone can do it more cheaply thanks to your gorgeous wedding gown donation!

  1. A Divorcee Photo Shoot

Go buck wild and schedule a photo shoot — boudoir, divorcee, and wedding dress style! Pose in your dress and then pose in your most sexy lingerie or a hot new dress to show the world what your ex is missing: a hot woman! Embrace your new self and photograph this moment in time, with you both in and out of your wedding dress. Do a side-by-side comparison of you as the blushing bride and now you, as the strong lioness you are after the wounds of divorce are cleaned and healed over.

  1. In Memorial

Angel Gowns by Michelle is a great place to pass on your old wedding gown. She takes wedding gowns that are donated from the public, and she and seamstresses around the country (this is what I gathered from her Facebook page) turn wedding gowns into "angel gowns" for stillborn babies. Knowing that your old dress may bring you many bad memories, you should feel good knowing that they are bringing a slight sense of comfort to someone grieving an even more devastating loss — the loss of a child.

  1. Mail It to His New Girlfriend

If you're feeling particularly cheeky, you could always mail the dress to his new girlfriend, although I'm not sure she'll love her new gift! Plus, you have to decide if it's worth the shipping cost. Wink.

  1. Donate It to Playtime

Heck, you're thrilled you dumped that loser, so why not send the dress off to your kid or your friend's kid for dress-up time! It could be a cool year-by-year photo to see your child or a friend's child as she grows up in your wedding dress.

  1. Use It as a Painting Tarp

Really over the moon about your divorce? Lay the dress out on the floor the next time you're painting to stop drips from getting on the floor. And why not . . .

  1. Go Jackson Pollock on That Dress

You can use the dress to let out your anger and sadness in a flurry of painting hurls and furls, much like the famous painter Jackson Pollock. Most likely, though, no one will be visiting the MOMA to see your "creativity" rendition, but heck, it's cheaper than therapy and could turn out pretty lovely.

Link: https://www.popsugar.com/love/Ways-Use-Your-Wedding-Dress-After-Divorce-40511039


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