The super powers of Motherhood!!

Moms are superhuman in ways that beat the super powers of superheroes. We might not wear a cape, but in our T-shirts and leggings, we use our abilities for good, well most of the time, anyway. In case you need a refresher on the incredible things moms can do, here you go.

  • We can use our bodies to feed a human - Moms can nurse their kids with milk their bodies make. This is an amazing superpower - not even the X-Men can do this!
  • We heal boo boos with just one kiss - Some superheroes can heal others, but can they do it with a kiss and a hug? Probably not, but moms can.
  • We can do 10 things all at once - Most mothers can hold a baby, cook dinner, answer the phone, clean the kitchen, and start the washer - all at the same time. If they handed out awards for multitasking - a mom would win every time!
  • We are clairvoyant - Mamas know when their kids are running around like caffeinated gorillas that it’s going to end badly and someone will get hurt. We can see it before it happens, for better or worse.
  • We create human beings - This super power gets taken for granted, but women create life and that incredible act should be recognized for the superpower it is.
  • We can fight off any boogie man or monster - Lots of super heroes can fight off monsters and villains, but with mothers, it’s not an epic battle, it’s just bedtime.
  • We turn hot things into cold things - Who can turn hot soup or a hot grilled cheese into something that won’t burn a little mouth with just a few blows? A mom, that’s who.
  • We can make our kids do anything - We do it by telling them they can have a treat afterwards. Bribery - it works almost every time!

Source: Romper

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