Myths about men!

C’mon, ladies. We all know we wonder about the “secret” that is men. We can never seem to figure out any patterns or answers. As for talking on dating apps? Forget it! We’ve all spent way too much time trying to crack the code – so let’s let “PopSugar” take the reins and bust these myths right now:


  • “Men are not emotional.” - According to men everywhere, this just isn’t true. Men are human. Humans are emotional.
  • “Men are all about sex.” - Women want sex, too! And just like women, it’s not the only thing on the mind.
  • “Men don’t like women to earn more than them.” - It’s 2017 people! There are plenty of female breadwinners out there!
  • “Men only care about a woman’s appearance.” - Looks aren’t everything!
  • “Women are more insecure about sex than men.” - Not true! Everyone experiences that sexual awkwardness. No sweat!
  • “A man is only turned on when he has an erection.” - All kinds of stuff can slow things up down there. It might not be you!
  • “If he doesn’t finish, he doesn’t find you attractive.” - Again, all kinds of stuff can slow things up down there.
  • “Men watch porn because they’re sexually unfulfilled in relationships.” - Men watch porn to help them masturbate. It could have nothing to do with their partners!
  • “Men can’t be friends with women.” - Of course men and women can be just friends!


Source: PopSugar

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