Little signs that your relationship is getting serious!

The tiny things that can tell you how serious it is.

When you’re in a new relationship, you remember all the firsts: first kiss, first time you sleep over, first time you say “I love you.” But those biggies aren’t the only romantic steps that mean something. These small signs also show you’re getting more serious

  • You know each other’s drink orders - Your S.O. knows what you want at the bar and at Starbucks so they don’t have to ask.
  • You quit splitting checks because you know you'll get them back later on - Taking turns paying is a lot easier than splitting every bill.
  • One of you offers to add the other to your Amazon Prime - A true sign your relationship is heating up
  • They don't throw your toothbrush in the trash if you leave it behind - When you can leave something behind at your partner’s place and they don’t freak out, you know you guys are getting more serious.
  • You do your full nighttime routine when they sleep over - When you no longer splash some water on your face and pretend that’s all you do, you’re moving up as a couple.
  • You've stopped counting your dates - If you don’t even call them dates anymore, it’s serious for sure.
  • You're watching a TV series together that has more than one season - If you commit to watching “Game of Thrones” that’s six seasons with 10 episodes each, and that’s a lot of time to commit to being together.
  • You're sharing at least one streaming service - Nothing shows your commitment like sharing your Netflix account.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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