6 things that you SHOULD NOT DO after the break-up!

Stop doing these things after a breakup!

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While everyone gets through a breakup differently, there are some post-breakup habits you should stop doing, since they’re possibly doing you more harm than good. We promise that once you ditch the bad habits, you’ll start to feel better and moving on will get easier day by day.

  1. Binge drinking. Using booze or anything else to make your forget that you’re hurt or sad isn’t the way to go, at least not as a long-term strategy. At some point, you’re going to have to deal with yourself.
  1. Calling and texting. Just stop. Put the phone down. Block their number if you have to.
  1. Looking for closure. Closure is not something you “get” or “find.” Closure is actually something you do. If you’re social media stalking or ex, or moping around because you didn’t get any “closure,” you sort of need to knock it off. Closure is actually putting the past relationship behind you and moving on. You don’t “deserve” answers or anything from your ex (and they don’t deserve anything from you).
  1. Blaming yourself. Whether you feel guilty for breaking someone’s heart or can’t stop thinking about what you did wrong that lead to the breakup, you need to stop. Mulling everything over and letting your self-talk get mean only makes things worse.
  1. Cutting all ties. Just because you and your ex loved the deli on the corner and you might run into them does not mean you don’t deserve to get that delicious wrap you love. You don’t have to cut every single thing that reminds you of your ex out of your life. You’re still you, and you deserve to enjoy the things you love
  1. Doing anything to the extreme. Whether you’re sleeping too much or staying out all night with friends, eating too much or not at all, you have to find some balance.

Link: http://hellogiggles.com/6-post-breakup-bad-habits-that-you-shouldve-already-stopped-doing

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