The Ultimate steps to being a ladies man.

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The ultimate guide to being a ladies man.


#1 You need to be a nice person. The person who’s the ladies man in a movie is usually a jerk and for some reason, women still like him. This is not at all accurate in any way. Girls don’t want to be around a guy who’s mean. So be a nice person. Do nice things and who them that you’re genuinely kind.

#2 Being sensitive helps. Us ladies know about you guys having feelings. We’re not blind to the fact that guys feel. However, there is a certain stigma attached to men who show their feelings. They’re labeled as “not manly.” The great thing about knowing how to be a ladies man is that you can easily stomp all over that stigma. Being sensitive and showing your true feelings is actually a great thing for women.

#3 You have to be empathetic. If you don’t know what empathy is, you need to learn. Being empathetic is about being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes so you’ll know how they feel. When you do this with women, you’ll soon realize what it takes to relate to them on a deeper level. This empathic behavior will make the women flock to you.

#4 Compliment more than her physical appearance. All the guys who are supposed to be a ladies man in the movies only compliment women on their features. They go on and on about how pretty their eyes are or how nice their body is. You know what women really want and what will teach you how to be a ladies man? Complimenting a woman’s personality and hard work. If you go above and beyond what she always hears, she’ll love you for it.

#5 Get to know the real her. You probably don’t know very many women on a deeper level, do you? I don’t think so. That being said, you need to start. Connect with women on a deeper level so you can understand the way they operate. This will definitely help you understand how to be a ladies man.

#6 Show a deeper side to you. You’re not this hard shell of pickup lines and shallow compliments. You’re a lot more than that and in order to be a ladies man, you need to show that. Be nerdy. Show women what you’re passionate about. If girls pick up on the fact that you’re not the standard “guy,” they’ll want to be around you more.

#7 Get vulnerable. Show her your feelings. Open up to the women around you. Not only will it be good for you, but women can even help you become a ladies man by taking you under their wing. They’ll be there to offer advice and counsel you in the art of wooing women.

#8 Be genuine. If you’re doing all of these tips for the pure purpose of being a ladies man, you’ll be found out. Women are very intuitive – a lot more so than you realize. We’ll notice how fake you are. So be genuine with your emotions and don’t lie about the things in your life just for attention.

#9 Make an effort to understand their perspective. The one thing men just can’t seem to do is look at things from a woman’s perspective. That’s why feminism is on the rise and why so many men think it’s actually “man hating.” If you make an effort to understand why certain things offend women or why they feel strongly about certain things, you’ll understand how to be a ladies man much better. Make it a point to ask questions. Women will be glad to share.

#10 Don’t be afraid to joke around. Girls aren’t humorless sacks of skin. We like to joke around and we even make some pretty dirty jokes from time to time. Don’t be afraid to show women your humor. The best kinds of jokes are actually those that poke fun at other men. If you can make women laugh, they’ll be all over you.

#11 NEVER point out their insecurities. And don’t make fun of them either. Women take their insecurities very seriously and if you make fun of them even one time, you’ll lose the interest of that girl. You can’t learn how to be a ladies man if you don’t understand how deep women’s insecurities run.

#12 Make each woman feel special. This is really the bottom line. Knowing how to be a ladies man takes a lot of knowledge but this is by far the best piece. Make girls feel special and do so genuinely. Point out what makes them great and women will always want to be around you.


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