Some DEAL BREAKERS in relationships!

We’re supposed to keep an open mind when it comes to the dating game. But what happens if we write someone off for one of their mildly annoying quirks…and we end up kissing prince charming goodbye? There are a ton of things that are worth getting over to get to the good stuff (love), but here are some things that Vice readers just could not get past in a partner:


  • “I identify as pansexual. I use gender neutral terms for myself (they/them). If someone doesn't 100 percent respect and encourage my gender non-binary identity, they're cut.” - Kyle LaBonte, 29
  • “Honesty is key. Plain and simple. Honesty is a hard line for me. I think it's so very important to be honest even when it's difficult, as it shows a modicum of respect when trying to build a potential long lasting relationship. Without it, you've surely lost my attention.” -Lauryn Ashley, 26
  • “There are things I might not like, such as bad breath or poor taste in music, but I can let it go if I really like somebody. Smoking is worse, but if I *really* like the person, I can let that go, too. I don't have a lot of hard-and-fast deal breakers.” - Claire, 34
  • “The number one disqualifier for me is a person who does not share similar values regarding human rights. I consider myself to be progressive, and I would not want to date someone who does not share similar ideologies.” - Desiree Luckey, 26
  • “A general lack of good personal hygiene is the number one thing that disqualifies a man from my dating pool. Specifically, not washing his hands after using the restroom. Bad bathroom habits are supremely disgusting to me. I'm more than a bit of a germaphobe, so bad personal hygiene is a huge turnoff.” - Susan Sando, 32


The only REAL turnoffs it seems are glaring personality flaws. There are plenty of quirks we can get used to if we’re really into a person.

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