The Whisper App: Guys reveal dating profiles no-no's

Anyone who’s tried online dating knows that having a great profile is often the key to dating success, but according to guys, women are constantly making the same mistakes that are simply turning them off.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has fellas revealing the things women really shouldn’t be putting in their dating profiles, and if any of them sound familiar to you, you may now know why you haven’t find Mr. Right yet.

Guys pet peeves about girls’ dating profiles include:

  • “I hate when a girl’s dating profile contains pictures that are all group pictures. Am I supposed to guess which one she is?”
  • “I love when girls say on a dating app that they are on a dating app because their friend made them do it. You’re on this app because you’re lonely like everyone else.”
  • “Girls, if you have a dating profile and every picture is a close-up of your face…just want you to know you’re not fooling anybody but yourself.”
  • “I don’t get why girls make duck faces in profile pics for dating sites. Duck faces look stupid and are the most unattractive things you can do in a picture, it’s really not cute. More annoying than anything.”
  • “So many girls put ‘must be 6’2” or taller' on their profile. I’m here like, ‘are you looking for a boyfriend or are you trying to get dunked on?’”
  • “Girls if you skew or over filter your profile pics on dating apps, don’t expect guys to deal with it well when you don’t look the same in person. You’re basically lying.”
  • “I hate how girls lie about their age to get older guys. I asked my sister why she was dating a 30-year-old. I found out her age on her profile says she’s 28, she just turned 20.”
  • “I don’t understand why girls write ‘ask me’ in their Tinder profile. I thought the point of the bio was for you to talk about yourself.”
  • “I don’t understand why girls put no creeps/weirdoes in their dating profile bios. Like what creep sees that and goes ‘oh damn I’m a creep best not message her.’”
  • “Thank you to the girls who put ‘I want a rich guy’ on their dating profile, because I know immediately you won’t make a good partner.”
  • “You know what kills me, girls who have a dating profile and one of their pics is a butt shot… talk about trashy.”

Source: Whisper 

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