The Whisper App reveals First Day of School horrors!

There’s no doubt most kids totally dread the first day back at school. All the memories of the fun summer they just had can completely be wiped away as they return to classes, especially if day one doesn’t go as well as they hoped it would. 

Well, folks are now opening up about the worst first day of school they experienced with a thread on the anonymous Whisper app, and after reading them it’s safe to say a lot of people will be happy their school days are long past them.

Worst first days of school include:

  • “We had a test today. The first day of school and already a test? Also I failed it. So this year is off to a great start.”
  • “On the first day of preschool this boy pushed me on purpose. I fell on a rock and busted my lip open. He didn’t even get in trouble because his dad was the principal.”
  • “Moved schools at the beginning of the year. Part of the uniform is white jeans. Got my period at school on the very first day.”
  • “People kept laughing at me on the first day of school. I felt bad the entire day. I got home and realized I accidentally wrote ‘meth” instead of ‘math’ on my binder.”
  • “First day of kindergarten I said hi to this kid at breakfast and he responded by kindly throwing up on me. Great way to start my school year.”
  • “The cheerleaders threw me in a dumpster on the first day of my freshman year. I didn’t have a change of clothes and I smelled like garbage for the rest of the day. Also it hurt.”
  • “My chair broke when I sat on it…It was the first day of class of the 2017 year. It made a huge noise and everyone laughed, including my crush.”
  • “On my first day of school I tripped down the stairs and fell into my teacher, knocking her and her cup of tea backwards…now I remember why she doesn’t like me.”
  • “I’ve fallen up the school bus stairs every first day since kindergarten… I’m a junior.”
  • “On my first day of school I walked into the wrong high school.”
  • “I got stuck behind a slow driver on my may to school on the first day. Finally I passed them and flipped them off. It turned out to be my teacher.”

Source: Whisper

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