Questions to ask yourself about a relationship

Even when we’re with someone we think we’re super into, it’s totally normal to wonder if this is the relationship that’s going to last. We all want to make sure we’re not wasting our time – especially when there are so many other options just swipes away. It can be easy to be blinded by how hopeful you are for your relationship, but sometimes we sorta know when it’s not going to work out. Here are some questions to ask that might clear things up for you:


  • Do you think about breaking up when you’re angry, or when things are supposed to be okay?
  • Are you happier thinking about them or spending time with them?
  • Do you argue because of issues or because you inherently don’t like one another?
  • Do you vent to other people about them or do you vent to them about other people?
  • If you had to marry them tomorrow or marry them never, which would you choose?
  • Are you more proud to show them to your family than you are hesitant?
  • Do they treat you like a priority or an option?
  • Are they the first person you want to call when something great or painful happens?
  • Are you honest with your friends about how your relationship is going or do you hide some things?
  • Do you have the same opinions about the big stuff? Where to live? If you want kids? Your level of monogamy?
  • Can you spend long stretches of time together without needing a break?


Asking some of these questions can change the way you think about your relationship. it’s possible that the person isn’t right for you, and you’re too blinded by hope to admit it. It’s also possible that they ARE right, and you’re too scared to know it.


Source: Huffington Post

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