Are you killing your phone battery ?

Cell Phone Charging

Charging your phone overnight could actually be bad for your phone! 

We’re all guilty – we come home from a long day with a dead phone, and we plug it in just before we go to bed. We only unplug the phone once we wake up in the morning to start our days all over again. Turns out, this might be super bad for our batteries. There’s totally such a thing as overcharging your phone, and it can get pretty bad if you keep doing it.


We’re constantly checking our texts, emails, social media accounts, and just plain browsing, that our batteries tend to die pretty quickly But if you charge your phone past the 100% range for too long, They won’t keep charging after the 100% mark, but the batteries are already dying from the second we start using them. And charging and recharging the batteries only makes it worse. So what’s to be done?


  • Charge your phone before it gets to 0%. This will actually wear out your battery sooner.
  • Keep your phone in a cool setting because overheating is totally a problem.
  • Protect your battery’s capacity, and don’t keep it on the charger quite so long!


Source: Time

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