6 things you CAN talk about on a first date!

Six things that are safe to talk about on the first date that you may not have thought were.


First impressions are everything, especially on date number one. Saying the wrong thing can shift the mood dramatically when you don't know somebody very well, so know which territories are safe to stay in. To make sure your first date goes as smoothly as possible, here are six acceptable things to reveal.

1 Past Relationships

You're usually told never to mention your exes on a first date. While you probably don't want to share how much you're still hung up on them or go into detail about the breakup, I personally think you should be transparent about your previous relationship in terms of whether it was long-term or brief, how recently things ended, etc. This will at least give them a heads up (if you're ready to jump back into things or if you're still in recovery mode) in case they had different expectations.

2 Political Stance

This one's known to be another restricted area but today especially, I think you'd want to know his or her political preferences before moving things along. Though their party doesn't necessarily define who they are as a person, it definitely gives you a pretty good picture. The first date isn't the time to engage in heated debates, but it's never too early to throw the question out there.

3 What You Love About Your Job

If you're passionate about what you do, talk about it! Your date will most likely find it attractive to learn how much you love your work. Be careful not to let the entire date be about you, though, and keep the negative talk to a minimum if you actually hate your company. You don't want your time together to be a venting session.

4 What You Do in Your Free Time

You obviously want to share what your hobbies and interests are; you may even learn that your date shares some of them also. But be honest about what your weekends look like. Are they filled with day drinking with your friends or watching movies at home? It will give him or her a better idea of what you like and don't like to do.

5 Goals

Ambition is sexy, so don't be afraid to drop a few things you're hoping to accomplish in the near future. But remember, it's not an interview. Mention what you're excited for without coming off like you're trying to sell yourself. In turn, ask your date if they have any personal projects underway.

6 Kids

Some people advise not to mention children on a first date, but it's pretty important information you should disclose. You don't have to discuss whether you want to have kids just yet, but if you currently have any, definitely share. Briefly tell your date their age and what they're like instead of busting out the baby albums. They'll appreciate the heads up and might even share that they have little ones of their own.

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