Bribing the kids: The Whisper App tells all!

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you it can sometimes be impossible to get their kids to do things they want, or need, them to do. Begging and threatening don’t always work, so parents are often forced to resort to bribes when they are desperate.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has parents revealing the way they’ve bribed their kids, and while the kids may think they are getting something over on their parents, often the parents are still the ones winning in the end.

Ways parents bribe their kids include:

  • “I bribe my kids with ice cream and coke so that they can clean the house and mow the lawn every weekend. They haven’t caught on that they could get it themselves.”
  • “When I was potty training my daughter I bribed her. I said if she poops in the potty chair I’ll light a birthday candle and she can blow it out. It worked.”
  • “My friend changed her name and picture in my phone to Santa Claus so I can bribe my kids to be good.” (Um, we think that’s more like a threat.)
  • “I used Pokémon cards like currency to bribe my kid to do chores.”
  • “I bribed my daughter with a trip to Florida to make her do the dishes for a week. What she doesn’t know was that the trip was already planned and now it’s just free labor.”
  • “I have to bribe my son to eat his vegetables with gummy snacks. I realize that it’s counterproductive. I’m hoping this will help him love veggies.”
  • “I bribe my son with money weekly so he doesn’t give me an attitude, whine, cry or scream.”
  • “Just bribed my daughter with brownies so she would go to school today. I know I’m the worst mom ever and should be disciplining her but I just can’t today. I’m exhausted.”
  • “I just bribed my kids with ice cream so I could come inside and charge my phone. It worked and I am not sorry.”
  • “When I bring my kids shopping I tell them if I have a good shopping experience, then I’ll take them to go get dessert. It may be bribery but it makes them behave."

Source: Whisper

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