Ways to make the Holidays Happier!

It’s the beginning of November, and we all know what that means - it’s time to put away the pumpkins and start bringing out the Christmas decorations. And while this could mean a bunch of fun things like snowstorms, Christmas movie marathons, and time with our loved ones, it can bring a good majority of us some of the blues. The holidays can be super stressful, and there are ways to fight it:


  • Stop focusing on what you don’t have and think about what you do - It’s the time to be grateful for all of the things you have. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the material things that the holidays bring about.
  • Recreate happy childhood memories - Do you have holiday traditions that you feel like you’re missing now that you’re older? The childhood magic of the holidays doesn’t have to end just because you’re in your 20s.
  • Do your best to avoid the people that give you stress - This could be hard if the people that give you stress are the people you’re going to spend time with, but it’s totally possible to just keep things as simple as possible during the holidays.
  • Make a gratitude list - Instead of just thinking about all of the things you want for the holidays, think of all of the things you already have.
  • Take a break from social media - It could be good to use the holidays solely for what they’re really meant for. Put away the phone, and spend some time with the people who are really in front of you.
  • Don’t force the holiday cheer - If you’re holiday expectations are too high, you’ll just end up disappointed with how your holidays turned out. Let the holidays happen around you and enjoy them for what they are.


It’s so hard to keep up with your holiday routines when you’re too busy being bummed out and stressed because of all of the expectations that the holidays bring along. Just enjoy what you have!


Source: Elite Daily

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