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There’s always a gray area in the beginning of relationships when you’re not really sure what the other person is looking to get out of the whole situation. Maybe they’re just down to keep it casual for a while, but maybe they’re looking for a little something more. There’s only one way to find out. Here are some tips to having the talk:


  • Start the talk before you meet the person – If possible, you could even put in your dating profile what it is you’re looking for. This cuts out any confusion from the start.
  • Don’t assume you’re in a relationship without talking about it – You never actually know if you’re exclusive or not until you’ve defined it.
  • “The talk” could be a series of talks – You can have the talk in stages. First comes deleting your profile. Then things get a little more serious. Then you can be exclusive.
  • There’s no right time or way to do it – Keep in mind that it’s never too early or too late. If you need to talk, you need to talk!
  • Don’t force things – Sometimes the talk doesn’t need to happen at all. If things are cool, don’t push it.


Having the talk is by FAR the most uncomfy thing to come from relationships with anyone. But it’s a necessary evil sometimes. So you


Source: Washington Post

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