Things that change when you "move in" together!

Moving in with your boo is a pretty significant milestone. You’re about to completely join your lives, straight down to where you sleep at night. It’s going to shift things a little bit in your relationship, and here’s a sampling:


  • “I somehow got more comfortable. He made me feel like I could be silly and dorky with him. I would practice dumb dance moves with him even though I can’t/didn’t like to dance. I still get nervous by myself but when he’s around I really like dancing now.” —/u/kaykito14
  • “I realized what an inconvenience his bathroom schedule is 🙄But, in a more positive note: our relationship totally shifted from boyfriend/girlfriend to more of a “you and me against the world, babe” kind of thing.” —/u/miss-karly
  • “I didn’t realize how much my space meant to me before we moved in together. I went from having “my space” to “our space” and that took a little while to get used to. I love getting to wake up next to my best friend instead of waking up by myself.” —/u/bananafishbones17
  • “I learned that I farted a lot more than he did.” —/u/catwomanlady9890
  • “Our communication improved, even if it's just always keeping each other in the know about the mundane parts of life.” —/u/sleepyemoji


The main thing you learn about a person when you’re living together for the first time is all of the annoying habits they have that you didn’t know you’d have to put up with. What if they never do the dishes??


Source: Elite Daily

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