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Is Facebook in hot water?

Facebook is feeling the heat, and losing value as the Federal Trade Commission and Congress apply heat over Cambridge Analytica

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating Facebook. According to reports, the commission wants to know about whether the company violated rules governing the distribution of user data.

Similarly, lawmakers are putting heat on Facebook over the harvesting of personal data. The social media giant is facing growing pressure to explain the actions of Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 presidential election.

As we told you before, Cambridge Analytica reportedly collected data from the profiles of 50-million Facebook users without their consent to help President Trump's campaign. Now, a Senate judiciary subcommittee has now sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, demanding answers to numerous questions about Cambridge. Facebook stock has lost more than ten percent of its value over the past two days.

Source: New York Times

Research suggests being part of a couple leads folks to pack on the pounds

While being in a relationship is certainly a happy thing for most people, it turns out there’s at least one major downside. According to new research, being in a couple will likely result in folks piling on the pounds.

A new study out of University of Queensland, Australia, which lasted more than a decade, determined that being in a relationship makes people fatter. The study looked at data of more than 15,000 people, and found that those with a long-term partner weighed, on average, 12.7 pounds more than single folks, and showed an average weight gain of 3.9 pounds per year.

So why does being in a couple make people fat? Well, the researchers speculate it could have to do with couples having a commitment to regular family meals, and that they tend to eat larger portions and more calories when they are with someone than if they were alone. Plus, always having someone to go out to dinner and drink with can add the poundage. And most importantly, not having to go out often to impress people could result in couples letting themselves go.

“When couples don’t need to look attractive and slim to attract a partner,” lead author Stephanie Schoeppe explains, “they may feel more comfortable in eating more, or eating more foods high in fat and sugar.”

Source: New York Post

Gas station workers found a million dollar lottery ticket and tracked down the owner to give it back to him.

A Kansas Lottery player is even luckier because gas station employees tracked him down to return a Mega Millions ticket he dropped that was worth a million bucks. The anonymous winner told lottery officials that his brother dropped the ticket when he went in to the store in Salina to check them and had no idea it was missing.

Gas station workers found the ticket, scanned it and found out it was a $1-million winner, so the clerks tracked down it’s rightful owner, with some help from the store owner’s son. The winning man happened to drive back by the gas station and that’s when the owner’s son pulled out behind him and flagged him down.

“He explained what happened and handed me the ticket, and I just couldn’t believe it,” the winner says. He told Kansas Lottery officials that the store employees’ actions restored his faith in humanity.

Source: UPI

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