Benefits of the "staycation"!

Give yourself a break without the hassle or expense of an away vacation.


Even if you deserve a break, taking that vacation isn’t easy for everyone. That’s why Americans end up with so many unused vacation days - a 2017 survey by Glassdoor found that U.S. employees only use about half of their paid time off. So if you have vacation days to use but you can’t get away or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of traveling, taking a staycation could be the perfect solution. It gives you the mental and physical break you need without having to leave home and this is why you should consider a staycation for your next vacay.

  • Think of all that money you’ll save - Mic reports that people spend an average of $581 for a four-night domestic vacation. And if you’re going international, that number shoots up to an average of $271 a day. On a staycation, you’re not paying for travel or accommodations, so all your money can do to drinks, food, and entertainment.
  • You can visit all your favorite places around town - Have brunch at your favorite spot, grab drinks at your #1 go-to bar, and pamper yourself with your local best-ofs.
  • No packing - No hassle of deciding what to bring, hoping you remember it all, or stress of realizing you didn’t bring what you need for your trip.
  • You avoid the stress and anxiety travel can bring - With all the planning and logistics, getting ready for a trip can be stressful before you even grab an Uber to the airport. And with a staycation, you only have to plan as much or as little as you want to do.
  • You’re not wasting half your time off in an airport - Travel time seriously eats into your paid time off from work. But with a staycation, you’ve got no travel time, unless you count moving from the bedroom to the couch, but even then, there’s no TSA.
  • You can do it spur-of-the-moment - Find yourself with a meeting-free Friday? If your workplace is flexible, you could end up with an impromptu three-day-long staycation, and it’s not as easy or affordable to take a spontaneous trip to Tahiti.
  • Your pet can come with you - This should actually be the top reason to take a staycation because it’s always better with your pet by your side.

Source: Bustle

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