Getting ready for National Pet Day!

New report reveals how much Americans are spending on their pets

There’s no doubt that most people treat their pets like family, which means they tend to spend a lot of money on them. Well, in honor of National Pet Day, which is tomorrow, a new report reveals just how much folks shell out each year on their non-human family members, and the amounts vary vastly from state to state.

Overall, Americans spend about $126.19 on their pets each month, with folks in Delaware spending the most, around $311.90 a month, and those in Idaho pampering their pets the least, only spending $20 bucks a month.

States Spending the Most On Their Pets

  1. Delaware - $311.90
  2. Massachusetts - $272.50
  3. Washington - $186.37
  4. Texas - $182.30
  5. Alabama - $158.13
  6. New York - $156.46
  7. Louisiana - $156.00
  8. California - $153.59
  9. New Hampshire $149.29
  10. Georgia - $146.28

When it comes to specific animals, owners of small mammals, like guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils, spend the most monthly, about $251.82, while dog owners spend way more than cat people, $139.80 vs. $92.98. As for those who spend the least, that would be fish owners, who spend only $62.53 a month. 

Other interesting tidbits from the survey:

  • People in Washington, D.C. spend the most on dogs, about $270/month.
  • Those in Ohio spend the most on their fish, about $288/month.
  • Folks in Delaware spend $566.44/month on their cats, more than any other state.
  • Texans spend the most on birds, at $200/month, AND on reptiles, at $350/month.

Source: Opploans

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