Boo-boo's you make in the kitchen!

Chefs say most of us are making these mistakes.

You may know your way around a kitchen, but there’s a good chance you’re still making some mistakes. Here’s what three chefs say most of us make wrong and how we can get it right.

  • You’re overcooking pasta - Instead of cooking pasta completely, chef Robert Irvine says we should cook it very al dente and add it to the sauce still very firm. He suggests saving a cup of the water you cooked the pasta in and adding that to the pasta with the sauce to let it continue to cook and keep the sauce at the right consistency.
  • You’re adding sugar to your marinara sauce - Chef Steve Martorano says if you use a great tomato, like a San Marzano, it’ll be sweet enough you won’t need the sugar.
  • You’re burning garlic - It should only be browned to a light brown color, not cooked until it’s black or it could make food bitter.
  • You’re cooking rice by the bag - Follow the directions on the back of the bag of rice and you’ll end up with clumpy rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot. Instead, chef Ben Canary advises washing the rice in a bowl of water then straining, and repeating the process until the water isn’t cloudy anymore. Then soak the rice for about 45 minutes before cooking.
  • You’re overcooking scrambled eggs - Because eggs trap heat and continue to cook even when you take them out of the pan, stop when they’re just slightly undercooked so they come out perfectly done.
  • You’re cooking bacon on the stove - If you haven’t been baking bacon, you’re missing out. Cook it on a foil lined pan at 400 for 15 minutes - no oil needed - and from there, it could take longer depending on how crisp you want it and how thick the bacon is.
  • You’re chopping asparagus - Pros know that if you just bend the spear of asparagus, it’ll break at the right spot so you can get rid of the woody base without cutting.

Source: This is Insider

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