What is the most "fun" state? 

It’s safe to say that everybody has their own idea of what is considered "fun," whether it's going to amusement parks, hanging out at clubs, or enjoying outdoor activities. Well apparently, there are some states in this country that cater to those who like to have fun more than others, and now WalletHub is naming names.

The site determined their list by judging at all 50 states on 26 key indicators in areas of entertainment and recreation, like restaurants per capita, golf courses, movie theaters per capita and more, as well as nightlife, which encompasses things like the average price of beer and wine, time of last call, number of casinos per capita and more.

With all that in mind, California tops the list as the Most Fun State, earning a total score of 59.42 out of 100, and landing first in entertainment and recreation, and seventh in nightlife. Not surprising, Nevada, home of Las Vegas, lands on top for nightlife, although the state is third overall

Top Ten Most Fun States In America

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Nevada
  4. Florida
  5. Illinois
  6. Washington
  7. Texas
  8. Colorado
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Minnesota

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're looking to live in a snoozefest, West Virginia is the place to be, scoring a 14.16, and ranking dead last for entertainment and recreation and 45th for nightlife. 

The Ten Least Fun States In America

  1. West Virginia
  2. Mississippi
  3. Delaware
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Arkansas
  6. Vermont
  7. Alabama
  8. Montana
  9. Kentucky
  10. Kansas 

Click here to see where your state landed on the list. 

Source: WalletHub

AAA reveals the domestic and international locations most people will be traveling to this summer

As the summer season approaches, many people are finalizing their vacation plans and there’s no doubt some locations are going to be packed with folks taking advantage of the season’s warm weather.

Well, AAA has just come out with a list of the top domestic and international travel destinations for this summer, so if you want to avoid the crowds you may want to listen up.

When it comes to U.S. travel, it certainly looks like a lot of people will be taking their kids, or just themselves to Disney. Domestically, Orlando, Florida is the most popular destination, just like it was last year, with Honolulu, Hawaii coming in second, up from four last year. Internationally, Rome is now the most popular spot, up from three last year, followed by last year’s number one, Vancouver, British Columbia.

 AAA’s Top Domestic Summer Destinations

  1. Orlando, FL
  2. Honolulu, HI
  3. Anchorage, AK
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Los Angeles/Anaheim, CA
  6. Maui, HI
  7. Fairbanks, AK
  8. Las Vegas, NV
  9. Boston, MA
  10. Salt Lake City, UT

AAA’s Top International Summer Destinations

  1. Rome, Italy
  2. Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. Dublin, Ireland
  4. London, England
  5. Paris, France
  6. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  7. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  8. Calgary, Albert
  9. Cancun, Mexico
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Source: AAA

 A California 7-Eleven plays classical music to combat loitering.

A 7-Eleven in California is using a new method to get rid of loiterers by cranking classical music. Store-owner Sukhi Sandhu says its all part of a new non-confrontational method to reduce loitering and panhandling outside of shops encouraged by a corporate program.

The music is blasted out onto speakers that store clerks have complete control over. It’s believed this is a good way of eliminating risks involved with asking panhandlers to leave. “Once the music started, the riffraff left,” said Manuel Souza, a homeless man who jokes that he’s part of the riffraff. He notes that the loud classical music makes it difficult “to hang out and gossip and joke around” outside the store.

Some stores have also implemented a device that makes a high-pitched screech which sounds like a mosquito buzzing in your ear. The device can be turned on and off as needed, but Sandhu thinks the classical music is much more effective. Sandhu notes that he’s received positive feedback from customers who feel much safer since he started playing the music.

Source: Modesto Bee

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