Mother's Day boo boo's

Mother’s Day Gifts: The Good The Bad The Ugly!

Moms—What’s The Worst Well Intended Mother’s Day Gift You’ve Ever Received?

  • My kids made me a bouquet of flowers… out of dandelions
  • We went to a seafood restaurant and I got food poisoning
  • My husband bought me a Mother’s Day that he clearly didn’t read because it was for an Aunt
  • My kids bought me a bobble head of myself and one day I pretended to knock it over while dusting so I could break it
  • For some reason my family thought I would love it if we got a kitten, forgetting I’m allergic and I broke out in hives
  • I won $500 in scratch off tickets but we were in the car when I won and I yelped with excitement and scared my husband and he crashed into the car in front of us—thus costing us the $500
  • We always go to a brunch where there are always screaming kids and it doesn’t make me hate being a mother but it makes me hate being around other mother’s kids
  • My kids wanted to make me breakfast in bed which was a sweet gesture until they poured scolding hot coffee on my lap on my Egyptian cotton sheets and I had to try to act not that mad
  • It’s like my kids forgot they bought me slippers last year… and the year before that and the year before that
  • My oldest son gave me chocolates but didn’t realize he also included THC chocolates he got from Colorado… all in all it was kind of a funny Mother’s Day
  • We went to see a Disney movie where the mom died
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