Things they don't tell you about having kids! A viral thread!

 Parents confess to some of the downsides of having children

It’s no secret that being a parent isn’t easy, but regardless of the horrors that may come with child-rearing, that isn’t stopping people from having kids. Well, now a bunch of parents are confessing to the horrible things most people won’t tell you about having kids, and we think it actually may make some people think twice.

  • The confessions started via a thread on the Internet forum Quora, with one parent comparing having kids to being “in prison,” since it's basically just forced labor, that lasts an 18 to 25-year sentence, with the parents not being able to go out anymore.
  • Other people called kids “little monsters,” and noted that parents need to get used to boredom, and accept having to deal with biting and kicking, while one person added, “If you’re a woman, it ruins your life and your body.”
  • One father even admitted that kids “smell bad” especially when they kiss you while “they are stinking of whatever the odor-causing-bacteria did to the leftover food in their mouth."
  • Of course not all the confessions were bad...One person noted that sometimes they “regret” having kids, but the unconditional love they give makes up for it.

Source: Daily Mail

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