Research suggests more moms and dads are enjoying some weed

Parents are supposed to be setting good examples for their kids, but if they’re worried about them eventually falling into drugs, they may want to look at themselves in the mirror. According to new research out of Columbia University, more moms and dads are smoking marijuana, which is particularly interesting since fewer are actually smoking cigarettes than in the past.

The research finds that the amount of moms and dads smoking weed went from 11% in 2002 to 17% in 2015, while the number of marijuana smoking parents with kids at home went from 5% to 7% in the same time frame. 

While the study doesn’t reveal where the parents are smoking, or how far away from their kids they are when the do it, there is concern that all this parental pot smoking can expose kids to second-hand smoke. The effects of second-hand pot smoke aren’t as well known cigarettes, but a previous study claimed a minute of exposure could impair vascular functions up to 90 minutes.

Source: New York Post

There's a specific time to shut off your phone that's proven to bring happiness.


Using mobile phones after 10 p.m. can trigger depression and loneliness, a study has revealed.

According to The Times, people who spend the night checking social media, watching television or roaming around their homes are more likely to suffer from mood problems such as neuroticism and bipolar disorder.

They are also more likely to rate themselves as unhappy and more lonely, the study in The Lancet Psychiatry says.

While researchers cannot prove that disruption to the body clock causes these problems, they argue that it is more evidence that modern life is scrambling our natural rhythms saying: “Daytime is time for activity and darkness is time for sleep.”

Previous studies have linked shift work that disrupts the natural 24-hour cycle of the body to a range of long-term health problems.

Professor Daniel Smith of the University of Glasgow says a 10 p.m. cut-off would give the average adult time to wind down before switching off the lights, he advised but “it’s not just what you do at night, it’s what you do during the day – trying to be active during the day and inactive in darkness. Especially in the winter, making sure you get out in the morning in the fresh air is just as important in getting a good night’s sleep as not being on your mobile phone.”


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